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GraphenePower AS  -  Stavanger
 ...electrical engineering fundamentals. ~Master battery pack structure design and verification system development process. ~Able to guide and complete pack structure design and performance simulation analysis. ~Able to guide and complete pack performance evaluation and... 
25 dager siden
 ...documentations of other third parties * Ensure compliance of the Freight Forwarding processes with all internal Company rules (including OPS/CA guide to conduct) and all applicable laws and regulation (JV rules, Country laws...) * Ensure the good administration and filing of all... 
3 dager siden
Expedia  -  Stavanger
 ...and constantly improve. We believe in the Scientific Method . Everyone’s ideas are equal in the face of hard data. We use data to guide but not define our actions. We Lead Humbly . Our leaders serve their teams. None of us has all of the answers, but we are curious and... 
9 dager siden

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